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Subject: Jai Ma!
Name: Basantidevi
Gender: FEMALE
Height: 5' 4''
Details: I've dated Hindu men several times and almost married one. I find them to be more compatible than American men because I've been Hindu for a long time. I'm looking for that man who has a nice balance between being Indian and being American. I would prefer you to be optimistic and positive because I am very positive and calm. It's really hard to be with a man who is too emotional although we don't get to choose who we love do we? I have received diksa and am a Bhakta and Shakta. I'm very progressed on my path and we can discuss when we meet. I'm looking for a traditional marriage. I'm conservative in my views on relationships and take them seriously. If you are still playing the field we will be like oil and water. I've worked 17 years in telecom as a Tech and PM in Engineering. I am also a CMT and have been trained in Ayurveda since 1994. I have a Lhasa apso that is calm and rare and I also ride horses. I have a thoroughbred who is 11. I used to sing opera and still like to sing and learn bhajans. If you like to sing that is great. I am not looking for a famous person, just a simple down to earth Indian man who has an open enough mind to know that even Americans can be deeply spiritual. My life will always come down to spirituality so its important we are compatible in that area. Shraddha is important to me more so than doing puja for "things". Love for loves sake is what turns me on. You need to be dignified. You should be a working professional of some kind, live alone. I dated an indian with a roommate and the roommate interfered all the time so you must have good boundaries with your roommates and be your own man. Wishy washy men won't attract me at all. This is why its best you have your own place and be the man of the house. Its good if you know how to cook and like to go walking in nature and enjoy calm evenings alone with me. I don't care if you are vegetarian or not. I can share my views on that when we talk. I'm definitely all female and enjoy the traditional rolls as long as the man I am with see's women as the Divine Mother. Let me know if this interests you. Jai Ma.
Interested in : Male for Matrimonial
Looking For: Tall, dark and handsome, clean smelling, sensual, assertive, lives alone or has privacy, good cook, has all his teeth, intelligent and intuitive and not too bossy. Protective and a good provider, deeply spiritual and honorable.
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Occupation:Project Management


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